February is the month of love!

February is the month of love!

February is the month of love!

Here at NorthRidge we LOVE our members! We know that right now times are hard, and they have been for a while but we want to share just a few of the reasons why we are so thankful we have had you through it all!

To sum it up, we love you because of your stories, your families and your encouragement.

We asked some of our staff to tell us why they love our members, and here are a few of their answers!

Tia: I love seeing our members on a regular basis and getting to know them personally, so the conversations are not generic and so that if a situation comes up they feel comfortable to maybe share, and maybe we have an option of assistance we can offer them that they didn’t know about.

Gabby: I love working with our members because they can come to us if they have any questions or have any concerns and we will do whatever we can to figure things out for them. I love seeing them happy once they better understand something which can include just a basic transaction, a debit card issue, or a member who just lost a husband or wife and now having to explain and help them out with online billpay or any basic transactions that they are not used to doing since their spouse has always done it.

I love explaining something such as an account that would better benefit them and seeing their face life up because they are so grateful, or getting them logged back into Online Banking after they were locked out after 6 attempts. Everyday life is not always easy and I feel like something as little as getting them into a higher interest rate account or logged back into Online banking can change their bad day into good. It leaves me feeling like I made a positive change in someone’s day which is always a great feeling.

It may not be a huge thing every day but I feel like even small changes or small gestures can make a huge difference and I think we do a great job about doing this every day.

Becky: I love working with our members to refinance collateral loans for a better interest rate and make them so happy. I love working with our members who don’t think they can get a loan. I love working with our members to help build their credit. I love working with our members building a relationship for their financial needs for their lifetime. I love working with our members!

Madisen: There is so much I enjoy about working here at NRCCU and the members have a huge part in that. They are what make the stress filled days’ worth it and good days even better. I love being able to connect and laugh with our members and have them leave with a smile on their face.

Taylor: I love that we build relationships with people and are more like a friend or family, than a financial institution. I love helping our member’s save and make investments. In my new position I get to help people reward themselves for working hard or help them breathe from being in a tough spot! It’s such an awesome feeling! ​

Kevin: I love helping our members achieve a dream of theirs, whether it is owning a business, a home or a new car, helping them achieve this is a great joy.

Rebecca W: I have the unique ability to understand our members individual stories, and I love the relationships I get to build with them because of that.

Rachel C : The thing I love about working with our members is their ever changing lives that I get to see glimpses of and as relationships grow stronger, you become apart of in a way. You help make dreams and goals a reality and being along for the ride as life events come and pass you can’t help but share in those feelings with them. Sometimes it’s excitement, sometimes fear or a struggle that brings them through the door but the greatest part is finding a mutual trust and knowing that I helped make that possible makes me love what I do.

Mandy: I love getting to know each member that I get to work with and finding out what I can do to help them reach their goals.

Jade: I love talking with our members and hearing their stories. Working here is more than doing a transaction for someone and then they walk out the door, more than just asking them when they’ll be able to make a payment on their account. It’s about learning people’s stories and where they’ve been compared to where they are now. It’s about building relationships with our members and letting them know we’re here for them financially through the good times and bad. We are here for our members so I find it nice to chat with them for awhile.