New Debit Cards

NorthRidge is changing debit cards providers in order to improve services.
Here you can find all of the information you need to know.

Please note
(06/03/2020) we have confirmed that the new debit cards are now working at nearly all merchants and only have found a few foreign ATMs to be sporadic. Please activate your new card as soon as you are able and start using that to ensure you do not have any service interruptions on the June 8th when the old cards will no longer function.

(05/29/2020) we are aware that some cards are not consistently working at all merchants. We are actively working with our third party vendors, merchants and affected members to resolve these issues. Please activate your new cards and use them as credit (signature transaction) if possible. We also recommend continuing to carry the older card until June 8th or until we can confirm the issue with the merchants has been resolved.

Important Dates

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic our new debit cards have been delayed a bit.

(updated 05/29/2020)

April 3rd: Please consider what automatically deducts from your debit card and make note of this.
Your debit card number will be changing and you’ll have to update those places.
April 28th: New cards are starting to be created (completed!)
May 10-17th: Your cards should be arriving during these days
(please activate them immediately) (Completed!)
May 22nd: If you don’t have your new card call us (Completed!)
June 8th: The last day the old cards will work

ATMs will be offline for part of the day for the upgrade to the new processor
May 7 Ely ATM Upgrade (completed!)
May 12 Biwabik ATM Upgrade (completed!)
May 13 Virginia ATM Upgrade (completed!)
May 14 Hoyt Lakes ATM Upgrade (completed!)




Continue to use your existing Visa debit card for now, then activate and start using your new NorthRidge Visa debit card as soon as it arrives.

Why am I getting a new debit card?
In our continual effort to provide members with great service, NorthRidge Community Credit Union is moving to a new processing partner for our Visa debit card.  You will should not experience any interruption in access to your funds  during this transition process. This change will also speed up the delivery of a new replacement card if yours is lost, damaged, or stolen.

When will I receive my new NorthRidge Community Credit Union Visa debit card?
You can expect to receive your card between May 10​th​, 2020 and May 22nd​, 2020.

I’m traveling away from home during the new card arrival time period.  What should I do?
Please contact us immediately at (877) 672-2848 during the business hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday to make special arrangements.

What steps do I need to take to activate my new card?

1. Call (833)-285-1749
2. If you are calling from the phone number on record at NorthRidge Community Credit Union you will supply your date of birth
3. If you are calling from a phone number we do not recognize, you will be prompted to provide the last four digits of your SSN
4. Sign the back of your card
5. To ensure a smooth transition please do not destroy your old Visa debit until after June 8th
6. Contact any merchant or company who automatically bill your existing card and give them your new Visa card number and expiration date.
The new card has a new security code on the back of the card also.  These merchants may include your wireless, cable and/or internet providers, insurance companies, mortgage companies, auto loan companies, Amazon and other online retailers you shop at regularly.

Can I use the same PIN?
When you call to activate your new NorthRidge Community Credit Union Visa debit card you will be prompted to create a new PIN. The new four digit PIN you create can be the same as your existing PIN.

Is my card number changing?

Yes, your new card comes with a new card number, expiration date and three-digit security code.  To avoid service interruption, please update online shopping merchants and bill pay accounts that have your account on file.

Will I get more than one card?

If you have more than one card today, you will receive a replacement for each card.  Call us at (877) 672-2848 during the business hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Central Time, Monday through Friday if you have questions about the cards you receive.

When should I start using my new Visa debit card?
Begin using your new card as soon as it arrives, and you activate it by calling (833)-285-1749. Please remember to stay on the line to create a PIN.

Can I still use my existing Visa debit card?
Begin using your new Visa debit card as soon as you receive and activate it.  Any outstanding Visa transactions you made on the old card will still post to your account.

When will my existing Visa debit card stop working?
Your existing Visa debit card will be deactivated automatically on June 8th.

What should I do with my existing Visa debit card?
Stop using your existing Visa debit card as soon as you receive and activate your new NorthRidge Community Credit Union Visa debit card. Please keep your old cards until June 8th to ensure a smooth transition.

Will my bill pay transactions still work?
If you use the Bill Pay service in NRCCU Online Banking, nothing will be changing since that uses your specific account number. However, if you use your debit card as a saved payment option with other companies like Netflix, Amazon or any utility companies, you will need to update them with the new VISA card number immediately upon activating your new card to avoid any billing or service problems. Any pending payments with your old card number will still process through the transition.

Is anything changing with my new debit card?
Yes.  Once you activate and begin using your new Visa debit card, if you have a dispute with a transaction or your card is lost or stolen, please call (833)-285-1749.

Will the new Visa debit card cost me anything?
No, there is no cost associated with this change.

Where can I use my new Visa debit card?
Visa is accepted at millions of locations worldwide and gives you access to cash at ATMs displaying the Visa®/PLUS® symbol, so you’ll be able to use your new card anywhere VISA is accepted.