NorthRidge Teaches Local Youth About Finance

financial-classNorthRidge Community Credit Union (NorthRidge) was invited to teach a class on Finance at Storybook Lodge by Home Educators and Youth (HEY) for Quad Cities students ages 12-17. NorthRidge took advantage of this opportunity and held a class on finance and specifically, checking accounts. The class was led by NorthRidge’s Assistant Operations Officer and Insurance Agent, Liz Kallevig. The course covered the basics of checking accounts including: what is a checking account, how to write a check, fill out a deposit slip, sign up for direct deposit, and how to balance a checking account. Nineteen students attended the session, and were very enthusiastic about taking part in the hands-on learning. They appeared to get a lot of information and interest from the course. 
We want to thank HEY for the opportunity to educate our local youth. In addition, we would like to thank Yvette Lange for the amazing homemade chocolate chip cookies. We look forward to the possibility of working with this group again in the future.

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