Cyber Security

cyber security


With the recent announcement from T-Mobile regarding a data breach that compromised personal information of over 40 million customer records, we thought it would be a good time to discuss best practices when it comes to your personal cyber security. The following are some best practice tips to stay pro-active and protect yourself:

  • Change your passwords to logins and PINs for debit cards several times throughout the year.
  • Review your financial statements monthly to look for errors or suspicious activities.
  • Review your credit bureau credit report (this is free to review annually) at
  • Set up alerts for your financial accounts and credit bureaus to track your activities and catch any fraud right away.


Scammers are becoming more advanced at appearing to be legitimate organizations and companies. Never trust unsolicited calls, texts, or emails that are not typical communication between you and your billers. Find a legitimate website or phone number to contact the agency directly and ask about the inquiry.

You can never be too cautious!