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NorthRidge ITM: Like an ATM, but with a real person inside!

NorthRidge ITMs are here* and you can now do your banking face to face with us, without ever getting out of your car. This is the future of banking!

ITM stands for Interactive Teller Machine. It functions similarly to an ATM, but now you'll be able to speak with a live NorthRidge Member Service Representative without getting out of your car! Think of the ITM as the new drive throughs. Almost any transaction that you would complete inside the branch, you can now do inside your car at an ITM with our Virtual Member Service Representatives. You can also use the ITM the same way you would use an ATM if you do not need to speak to a Member Service Representative. Read our ITM FAQ to learn more!

*ITMs are currently available in Virginia, Hibbing, and Ely. Construction on our drive-throughs in Hoyt Lakes and Biwabik begins on May 22, 2023 to install the new ITMs!

Click here to scroll down and see the Virtual team that will be helping our members that visit an ITM and select "Talk to Teller."

ITM and ATM Comparison

Frequently Asked Questions

Still Unsure?

Ask any member of the NorthRidge team for a walkthrough on one of the ITMs if you'd like a demonstration before trying on your own!

ITM How-To

Say Hello to Our Virtual MSRs!

Our Virtual Team is local at our Virginia branch!