Gratitude with Your Finances?


November has been declared National Gratitude Month, but how can that tie into your finances? At NorthRidge Community Credit Union, we want to challenge you this month to find gratefulness in different aspects of your financial life. We could always tease, that you should be grateful that you have a credit union that helps look out for your financial future. We offer you lower interest rates and localized service just for starters.

But we think you should be most grateful that you see the benefit of having an outstanding banking service. US News reported in 2018 that over 14 million Americans do not have a primary bank account. This limits their ability to cash checks, obtain a debit card, and even keep their money in a safe location.

Often, we are looking at the big things in life for feelings of gratitude. You may get discouraged that your savings is not where you want it to be, your loan payment may be a day late, or your checking account gets down to the last penny. All these things can be overwhelming but let us start with the first step, you already have an account! That is a big step in the right direction towards financial success.

Let us use the month of November to grow your gratitude with your finances. Start this month with a new challenge for yourself. Here are a couple of tips:

  1. If you are discouraged about your savings account, plan to set aside $5-$20 from each paycheck this month. For a typical biweekly paycheck, you could save $10-$40 this month!
  2. If your account gets to low each month, think about those extra entertainment or fun expenses that maybe you can pass on this month.
  3. If your loan payment is always tough to come up with, try breaking it into two smaller payments spread out across the month.

Finally, remember we are grateful for you to be a member of our community and we here to help you find more in your finances to be grateful about. Let us grow our gratitude together!