Love your home!

Home Sweet Home

June is recognized as National Homeownership Month. As of late, our homes have turned into not only the place we spend the most time relaxing with family, but also places of work, playgrounds, schools, and gyms. It’s not news to anyone that we as a society have spent much more time at home over the last year and a half than ever before. It only makes sense then, to make sure you absolutely LOVE the space that you’re spending so much time in!

Cleaning up clutter.

Clutter can have a negative affect on your overall health! Messy spaces are stressful and can make life more difficult than it needs to be (if you keep losing your keys, keep reading!). Studies show that some people who live in cluttered homes have worsened working memories.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with clutter at home, start by cleaning one space per day! Pick a room for each day of the week and focus on that room for that day. Open any closet doors, drawers, cupboards, etc. and let them hang wide open while you work. Get rid of (throw away or donate) anything that doesn’t bring you joy! This can be hard to do, but if you haven’t handled the item (used it, wore it, played with it, looked at it) in over a year, it’s safe to say it can go!

Once you’ve cleared out the clutter, you’ll have extra space to reorganize the belongings that you decided to keep. While you’re reorganizing – grab some cleaning wipes or a dishpan with warm water and clean as you go!

The last thing to do as you finish up the room is the floor! Sweep and mop or vacuum, and don’t forget to use the crevice tool to get the hard-to-reach corners!

Clear out the kitchen.

Your kitchen can follow the same pattern as the clutter clearing above, but you might need more than one day. Make sure to go through your pantry, spice rack, freezer, and refrigerator and throw out any expired food (or donate if it is non-perishable). Toss out any broken or un-usable utensils, and plan to donate any kitchen gadgets that you just don’t use (looking at you, potato masher).

Reorganize your pots and pans, your plates and dishes, your cups and mugs, and clean those spaces as you go!

Add some light!

Poor lighting, dark corners, and shadows can make a room just feel gloomy or feel cluttered when it is not. Open up some curtains or invest in curtains that let more natural light in but still provide privacy. If natural light isn’t an option, add some aesthetically pleasing lamps or string lights to your space!

Add some nice smells!

Think about how nice it is to walk into a space that just smells good. Find some wax melts or automatic room sprays that smell great and get them set up! There are several inexpensive options. If you opt for candles, just do so safely and never leave a lit candle unattended.

Rearrange furniture.

Sometimes this one can be tricky, but if you’re able to rearrange your furniture, the change will feel great!  If you have too many pieces, it might be time to sell or donate a chair or end table. Get creative and think of new ways to create a better flow to your living spaces! Think of ways to arrange bedrooms, too!

There is so much that you can do to update the aesthetic of your home without spending anything, or by spending very little! Adding new lights, a couple houseplants, and freshening up paint are great inexpensive ways to update your home without having to break your budget. But if you are ready to do some major upgrades, NorthRidge is offering a great promotion on home equity lines of credit! Find out more by clicking here!


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