Credit/Debit Cards

NorthRidge Real Rewards Card Coming Soon!

Activate Your New Card

To activate your new card, call the activation number attached to your card, or you may call 1-833-285-1749. Please sign your name immediately in the space provided on the back of the card. Your card must be signed to be valid.

Lost or Stolen Card Information

For lost, stolen, or found cards please call 1-833-285-1749 as soon as possible.

You may also freeze your lost card through your NorthRidge mobile app. This is recommended if you are still looking for your lost card. Once you report it as lost or stolen, it is immediately disabled and a new card is ordered. A fee of $10.00 may apply to replace a card, your member service representative will indicate whether the fee applies.

Mobile Wallet Capability - Coming Soon

Plastic Options

Debit Cards

NorthRidge debit cards are accepted anywhere that takes Visa!

Credit Cards

Coming Soon!!