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With a Touch-tone telephone and a Personal Identification Number (PIN), your credit union accounts are never more than a telephone call away with NorthRidge24. It’s a convenient and easy way to handle your finances at home, work or while traveling. NorthRidge24 provides you with computerized access to your accounts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is the ultimate in convenience and it’s entirely safe.

To make it even better, NorthRidge24 is a service provided at NO COST to credit union members. NorthRidge24 is safe and confidential for these reasons:

  • Only you have access to your password/PIN
  • Transactions can be made only between your own accounts
  • Transfers can’t be made to someone else’s account


NorthRidge24 is a safe and convenient way to keep in touch with your credit union accounts 24/7/365.
To get started, call our offices: (877) 672-2848