Access Accounts by Text

How to manage your account by text

NorthRidge allows members to send a quick text to check account balances, complete transfers and more.

Text Account Access Number: (218) 248-7720

To use the TEXT Access Feature, simply login to your home banking and make sure you have a mobile number registered.

See below for instructions:

1) Access the Self-Service > Preferences.






2) Go to Registered Mobile Alert Number.



3) Add a current mobile number.








This step encourages you to set up mobile alerts, but you’re not required to do so. You can use this only for text account access if you choose.

Keywords to text:

Here are the text commands to access and manage your accounts:

Menu- See all text banking commands.
– Get balances.
– List of eligible accounts.
– Get transaction history.
– Transfer money between accounts.
– Link to loan application page.
– Link to NorthRidge website.
– Main NorthRidge phone number.
– Hours of operation for all offices.
Optout –
Unsubscribe from Text Banking.